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What is a 4.0 GPA in Canada?

OntarioLetterPercentage4.0 GPAA+90 – 1004A85 – 893.9A-80 – 843.7B+77 – 793.39 more rows.

How do I find my college professor reviews?

The 6 Best Sites to Rate and Review Teachers and ProfessorsRate My Professors. Rate My Professors is one of the most popular “rate my teacher” sites online. … Rate My Teachers. RateMyTeachers is another popular review site. … Uloop. Uloop is a site completely powered by college students around the country. … Koofers. … Student Reviews. … Rate Your Lecturer.Dec 5, 2018

Do professors read rate my professor?

Most professors have two sorts of feedback on their teaching effectiveness. The first are the comprehensive evaluations that they do each semester and the second are the hit-or-miss Ratemyprofessor ratings that show up at random intervals unsolicited and uncontrolled.

Is D passing in CUNY?

The outstanding work must be completed by end of the following fall or spring semester. If the work is not completed by the end of the following semester, the INC is converted to a permanent grade of F on the record….Grading Policies – Undergraduate.Letter GradeRanges %GPAC73 – 76.92C-70 – 72.91.7D60 – 69.91F< 6006 more rows

How is your GPA calculated?

The basic formula for calculating GPA is to divide the total points earned in a program by the total number of credits attempted. The resulting figure is the GPA for that program.

How do I log into my BMCC student email?

Student AccountsCUNYfirst. BMCC and CUNY students should navigate to the BMCC home page and select the “Log In” drop-down to access CUNYfirst. … BMCC Portal. BMCC students should navigate to the BMCC home page and select the “Log In” drop-down to access the BMCC Portal. … Blackboard.

What is a GPA of 70%?

How to Convert Your GPA to a 4.0 ScaleLetter GradePercent Grade4.0 ScaleC+77-792.3C73-762.0C-70-721.7D+67-691.38 more rows

Is a GPA of 2.8 good?

Is a 2.8 GPA good? … The national average for a GPA is around 3.0 and a 2.8 GPA puts you below that average. A 2.8 GPA means that you’ve gotten only C-s and D+s in your high school classes so far. Since this GPA is significantly below a 2.0, it will make things very difficult for you in the college application process.

How do I choose a professor?

7 Tips for Finding the Best Professors at CollegeCheck out ratemyprofessor.com. … Look for online video courses. … Check out the professor’s course website or blog. … Find past or current students in your prospective major, and ask for their recommendations. … Read their work. … Sit in on some classes. … Trial and error.

How do I know if my teacher is good?

8 common traits of a great teacherConfident. Standing up in front of a classroom full of students to teach concepts that they may or may not have much interest in definitely requires a healthy amount of confidence. … Innovative. … Resilient. … Perceptive. … Reflective. … Humble. … Curious. … Inclusive.Jan 2, 2017

What grade is a 85%?

Letter GradePercentage RangeMid-RangeA+90% to 100%95%A80% to 89%85%B+75% to 79%77.5%B70% to 74%72.5%6 more rows

Should I trust rate my professor?

Most students say that they only trust the opinions on RateMyProfessor that are consistent. Stewart said that a professor with more reviews, that seem consistent, are usually more reliable than a professor with only a few reviews.

How do I check my grades BMCC?

Students can also access their grades online by logging on to CUNYfirst through the following navigation: HR/Campus Solutions →Self Service → Student Center → In Academics sections, Go to other academic drop down →Select Grades → Click the Go Icon next to it.

Is a 66 failing?

Please see the End of Program Assessment Manual for more information….APUS Grading System (Chart)GradeQuality Points/ Grading PercentDescriptionC2.0/ 76 – 73C-1.67/ 72 – 70Undergrad: Below Average | Master’s: FailingD+1.33/ 69 – 67Undergrad: Unsatisfactory | Master’s: FailingD1.0/ 66 – 64Undergrad: Unsatisfactory | Master’s: Failing20 more rows•Jan 26, 2021

How do I access my CUNY student email?

Go to www.office.com, click on Sign In. 2. Type in your email address: CUNYFirst ID@bcmail.cuny.edu 3. Type in your CUNYFirst password, click on Sign in.

Is C minus passing in college?

A grade of “C” (2.0) or better in each course in the graduate study plan. [A grade of “C minus” (1.7) or lower is not a passing grade] A grade of “C” (2.0) or better in course(s) that are used to meet the writing requirement. [A grade of “C minus” (1.7) or lower is not a passing grade.]

Can professors remove themselves from rate my professor?

We do not remove professors from our site unless they are no longer teaching at the listed University and have been removed from the college’s website. Students have the ability to add professors any time and new profiles are often re-created shortly after one is removed.

Is D+ a passing grade?

‘ The standard is a C or better, even though a ‘D’ is officially a passing grade. Technically, a ‘D’ is passing, but it’s a sort of a we-don’t-really-mean-it pass. A grudging pass, or perhaps a mercy pass.

How do I create a BMCC email?

AndroidGo to your phone settings and click on “Accounts”.Click on “Add account”.Click on “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync”.Enter your BMCC email and password, then click “Sign In’.After the automatic setup you will be prompted to set up your sync settings.More items…•Dec 12, 2019

What is BMCC email address?

The office of the Registrar is currently operating remotely. Email the office at registrar@bmcc.cuny.edu or contact Registrar’s Office staff for help signing up for classes.

Are new professors easier?

Warning, based on anecdotal evidence: new professors often care more and try harder with their courses, however, they aren’t always skilled with making exams/psets that are at the “sweet spot” of difficulty and length. As a result, the course may be too hard, too easy, or both (in different aspects).

Should I take a class with a new professor?

There are good points to taking a first time course: while you will not get the experience of a professor versed in the subject, you will be getting lectures that will be trying to answer some of the same questions that the professor had while trying to gain the information.

Is B minus a good grade?

B – is still a pretty good grade! This is an above-average score, between 80% and 89% C – this is a grade that rests right in the middle. … D – this is still a passing grade, and it’s between 59% and 69%

Is 95 a good grade?

90–92 is considered an A-. 93–95 is considered an A. 96–100 is considered an A+. My best subject is English and I got a 95 as my final grade average.

What is the minimum grade to pass a college?

In fact, a “D” is considered passing in both high school and college, as it’s above 60%. While a passing grade may be as low as 60%, you will want to aim higher for many reasons. As a college student, you don’t want to aim to barely pass a class.

How accurate is Rate My Professor?

Despite common belief, these students are actually relatively safe looking at RateMyProfessors reviews, because they are fairly accurate. They should be aware, however, of the effects (positive and negative) that reviews can have on student psyche and performance. RateMyProfessors is certainly not perfect.