Quick Answer: Why Does Snake Age So Fast?

Is Liquid Snake a good guy?

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Solid Snake is the only one to fight the Patriots without losing his morality or resorting to terrorism.

In that sense he’s still the good guy and ultimately the redemption of Big Boss.

Just because he’s being used most of the time doesn’t change that aspect of his character..

Is Solid Snake older than liquid?

Solid and Liquid are the same age. It’s never explained when or how Solidus was born, although he looks older than Solid Snake in MGS2.

How long does snake live after MGS4?

Snake’s lifespan was shortend by the people who created him, so his life is shorter than the average human life. However the Fox Die in Snake is starting to mutate and would kill him in 6 months at the start of MGS4… Also, the mutated FoxDie in Snake would cause a great epidemic in 3 months….

What is Snake’s real name?

Solid SnakeFull nameDavid (Metal Gear Solid) (The Twin Snakes)AliasDave (Metal Gear Solid) (The Twin Snakes) Iroquois Pliskin (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty) Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)13 more rows

How old is Liquid Snake?

12 year oldThe Phantom Pain positions Eli as a major character, hinting (and, in the end, confirming) that the 12 year old was Liquid Snake, the villain from the original Metal Gear Solid.

Is Snake in Metal Gear survive?

Before games like DayZ and Ark: Survival Evolved, there was Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. … That survival mechanic disappeared from later Metal Gear games, but it’s making a welcome comeback in Metal Gear Survive.

How did Solid Snake lose his arm?

A bionic myoelectric arm prosthesis was utilized by Venom Snake in 1984. … The prosthesis replaced his left arm, as it had been lost in the aftermath of the Ground Zeroes Incident in 1975, although he was originally fitted with a simpler prosthesis.

Why did snake get old?

Solid Snake is old due to cell deterioration from the cloning process that created him and his brothers. Right. All of the clones suffer from this accelerated aging. That’s why Solidus looked so much older than he was in MGS2.

Does Solid Snake kill himself?

The names are a reference to Big Boss’s former codename, Naked Snake, similar to the previous acts’ titles referring to other members of the “Snake family.” The scene of Solid Snake’s attempted suicide in Naked Sin was also seen in the title screen for the game.

Is Liquid Snake Ocelot?

Liquid Ocelot, often shortened to Liquid, was the alias used by Revolver Ocelot following his transformation into the mental doppelgänger of Liquid Snake. In 2014, he amassed a mercenary army to lead an insurrection against the Patriots, and became the final nemesis of his “brother” Solid Snake.

How much heroism do you need to get rid of demon snake?

Even if the player has 150,000 Heroism points, the completion of a Nuclear weapon will still turn Venom Snake to Demon Snake….Banishing Demon Snake.ActionValueEarn achievements related to befriending Buddies5,000-10,000Dispose of 1 nuclear weapon1,000Dispose of 10 nuclear weapons30,000Extract a Child2402 more rows•Mar 9, 2016

Why is Venom Snake punished?

Basically Skullface one Uped him completely because of circumstances, if not nothing would have happen to give us GZ & TPP. Thus his now back from his punishment of letting things come and eat him back. He’s Punished because, literally, his body and mind have undergone a lot of pain and suffering.

What happens to snake after MGS4?

It’s kind of assumed that Snake dies shortly after MGS4. He’s pretty much dying throughout the game because of his accelerated aging. … MGR has certainly established a world in which Snake could very easily have overcome his condition if he wanted to and if he had adequate resources.

How did Solid Snake lose his eye?

During the Big Shell Incident in 2009, one of the Les Enfants Terribles children, Solidus Snake, lost his left eye as a result of fighting Solid Snake and Raiden. … Solid Snake wore the Solid Eye, a device similar in appearance to an eyepatch, on his left eye, in order to aid in his mission to stop Liquid Ocelot in 2014.

Is Liquid Snake dead?

The Russian gunship menaced Snake several times before a final showdown on the roof of one tower. Following an intense battle, the Hind eventually went down in flames due to stinger missiles fired by Snake, though Liquid was able to survive.

Is Solid Snake a virgin?

Solid Snake could be a virgin, but he’s never been implied as such. … Technically, Snake can make love, its that he can’t reproduce. There is such a thing as having sex without reproducing as a result.

Is Big Boss a bad guy?

In the end, Big Boss became less of a villain than a hero who went astray, and even in his final moments of life he won a victory by mentoring Snake, giving his unwanted “son” the conviction to live out the remainder of his own life on his own terms.

Who kills venom snake?

From the view of Solid Snake, they’re the same person. So when he kills Venom Snake at the end of MG1, he thinks he has killed Big Boss who was commanding Outer Heaven all along. But instead he’s killed Venom Snake which while has a part in commanding Outer Heaven, is in fact below the actual Big Boss.