Quick Answer: Where Does Windstream Provide Service?

How can I get Internet without a phone line or cable?

Best ways to get internet without cable TVDial-up internet.DSL internet.Fiber-optic internet.Fixed wireless internet.Naked DSL.Satellite internet.Apr 16, 2020.

What services does Windstream offer?

In addition to DSL broadband, Windstream also offers fiber, copper, cable, and fixed wireless internet service. Its fiber service is available to approximately 3.6 million people, making it the 6th largest provider of fiber broadband in the U.S. by coverage area.

How much does Windstream Internet cost per month?

Windstream internet plans and pricesPackagePrice*Download speeds up toHigh Speed Internet 50–100 Mbps$28.99–$70.00/mo.100 MbpsHigh Speed Internet 200 Mbps$28.99–$75.00/mo.200 MbpsHigh Speed Internet 300–400 Mbps$39.00–$80.00/mo.400 MbpsHigh Speed Internet 500 Mbps$49.00–$80.00/mo.500 Mbps2 more rows•Jul 23, 2020

Does Windstream offer senior discounts?

Does Windstream offer a discount for seniors? Seniors that qualify for the federal Lifeline program can apply the Lifeline discount towards their Windstream internet or phone bill.

Does Windstream offer cable TV?

Windstream Cable TV Packages provide quality, entertainment, diversity and low cost – All in One! For 24 months, with 2-year agreement. Order Windstream® Today!

Does Windstream Internet require a phone line?

Phone service is not required. Kinetic Internet from Windstream is required so that you can enjoy the best TV experience in your home.

Does Windstream have a data cap?

Windstream doesn’t have any data caps or usage limits in place.

Why is Windstream Internet so slow?

There are chances that fiber optic cable connected to your PC or router may have slight wear and tears or damages on it that might be causing you to get slow internet on Windstream connection.

Which is better Windstream vs spectrum?

Is Spectrum or Windstream better for internet? In areas where only Windstream DSL is available, Spectrum is likely to offer faster speeds and a more reliable connection. In areas where Windstream’s fiber optic service is available, Windstream may have plans with faster speeds and lower pricing than Spectrum.

Is Windstream part of Verizon?

Under the contract, Verizon Wireless will provide wireless phones and service for Windstream’s corporate and field workforce.

How does Windstream provide Internet?

Windstream offers two types of internet: DSL and fiber. Fiber is one of the fastest forms of internet service, so if Windstream fiber is available in your area, get it. If Windstream offers only DSL in your area, it’s still a good option because it’s more affordable than fiber.

What kind of internet is kinetic?

The Bottom Line: Kinetic internet by Windstream runs on a high-speed fiber optic network. This means even their slowest package will be faster than the average residential connection. Plans range from 200 Mbps to 1 gigabyte (1,000 Mbps).

Is Windstream better than Xfinity?

Internet Speed Comcast’s cable network is fast and reliable. And compared to the slower speeds of DSL, it’s no contest. XFINITY surges ahead here with fairly affordable bundling and wide spread availability. Windstream serves some pretty remote areas, so the slower DSL speeds they offer may be the best you can get.

Is Windstream Internet any good?

Windstream has really fast and reliable service. It is much better than the junky service that we had from our previous ISP. The fastest speeds in our area are 50 Mbps, but in some areas, they go up to 75. The router/modem box is of high quality and the Wifi is really fast.

Is Windstream going out of business?

Windstream Holdings announced on Monday that it’s now free from the shackles of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Windstream has successfully shed more than $4 billion in debt and has approximately $2 billion in hand to fuel new growth as a privately-held company.