Quick Answer: Is God Of War Platinum Easy?

How long does it take to platinum horizon zero dawn?

For me it took 34 hours on Easy (if the Platinum doesn’t require a harder difficulty I’m playin’ it on easy, ain’t got nothin’ to prove LOL)..

Can you sleep in Ghost of Tsushima?

You can only sleep after a hard day’s work in Ghost of Tsushima. To sleep next to your horse in Ghost of Tsushima, you need to complete liberation missions to free villages and farmsteads around the island. Unlike actions like cleaning your sword, you can’t choose to snooze with your horse any time you want.

What is the hardest game to platinum?

The 15 Hardest Platinum Trophies To Get On PS48 Monster Hunter World/Iceborne.9 Bloodborne. … 10 Devil May Cry 5. … 11 Earthfall. … 12 Next Up Hero. … 13 The Witness. … 14 Crypt Of The NecroDancer. … 15 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Some first-person shooters struggle with being way too short. … More items…•Dec 1, 2020

How do you get a platinum trophy in God of War?

Complete ‘Father and Son’ Platinum Trophy Guide. Grab as many collectibles as you can while completing the game, then go back to all the areas you’ve explored to collect anything you’ve missed after finishing the story. You can explore any area, nothing can be missed. Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim.

Can you platinum ghost of Tsushima after beating the game?

Grab that Platinum- Those who want a real challenge can always try to 100% complete the game. Players will need to obtain every trophy available in the game and finish all of the side activities. This may be a lot of work, but players will eventually obtain that coveted platinum trophy.

How long does it take to get 100% ghost of Tsushima?

50-60 hoursAs a general baseline though, you’re looking at 50-60 hours to 100% complete Ghost of Tsushima and earn the platinum trophy. That’s how long it took me to complete everything, including finding all artefacts and collectibles. If you only want to beat the main story however, expect to spend much less time with the game.

What is the rarest platinum trophy?

2,227 TrophiesPlatinum Awarded when all other trophies have been unlockedPS34.03% Ultra RareLords and Judges Unlock all TrophiesPS44.23% Ultra RareWar Hero Collect all Killzone 2 trophiesPS32.06% Ultra RareLegend of the West Legend of the WestPS42.27% Ultra RareLegendary Win all trophies in the game!PS44.25% Ultra Rare46 more rows

Who has the most platinum trophies ps4?

Gamer by Platinum Trophies WonPosGamerPlatinum Trophies Won1Roughdawg43,1632Hakoom2,9973caro3c-gabber92,5724Unknown_v2_02,34046 more rows

How many hours will ghost of Tsushima be?

20 hoursHow Long To Beat Ghost Of Tsushima. Based on our playtime, it can take roughly 20 hours to complete Ghost of Tsushima if you’re focusing strictly on clearing the main storyline.

How hard is God of War Platinum?

God of War 2018 Trophy RoadmapEstimated trophy difficulty: 4/10.Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30-40 hours (with collectible guide)Offline Trophies: 37 (1 , 5 , 9 , 22 )Online Trophies: 0.Hardest Trophy: Chooser of the Slain.Number of missable trophies: 0 (can do everything after the story in free-roam)More items…•Apr 20, 2018

Is it hard to platinum ghost of Tsushima?

It can be a bit of a challenge (as well as a time suck) to complete every single task to get that coveted Platinum Trophy, but it’s perfectly doable with a bit of patience and determination. In fact, this one is a bit easier than other Platinums because many of the Trophies you need will unlock as you play the game.

Can you 100 ghost of Tsushima?

I got every single thing in Ghost of Tsushima and I’m here to tell you that no matter what your completionist brain says, you don’t have to do it.

Is GTA V hard to platinum?

It’s not tough, just a lot of tracking of the single player collectibles. I had friends to play with and enjoyed gta online so the multiplayer wasn’t that bad for me.

How do you get platinum in Horizon zero dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies & the PlatinumAll Trophies Obtained (Platinum) – Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies.Stealth killed 10 machines (Bronze) – Performed a stealth kill on 10 machines. … 3 Strikes From Above (Bronze) – Killed 3 enemies using the Strike from Above skill.More items…•Feb 28, 2017

Is Horizon zero dawn easy to platinum?

You are in for a real treat because Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the finest PlayStation exclusives ever and a joy to complete. The trophies are quite easy. Even the Hunting Ground Trials are very doable. If you have trouble with anything, return later when you’ve leveled up.

How long does it take to platinum Spiderman?

25 hoursEDIT: Powerpyx has confirmed 25 hours.

How do you get Platinum theme in Horizon zero dawn?

Sony is offering a special bonus for those who get the platinum trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn in the form of a free PS4 theme. To receive the theme, players must enable notification emails from Sony, as it’s the only way to get the reward.

What happens if you spare Lord Shimura?

Spare or Kill Lord Shimura Rewards If you killed Shimura, you’ll get the “Righteous Punishment” white coloration for your armor, as well as the Ghost mask and headband. If you spared him, you get the “Vow of Vengeance,” a crimson red dye that we feel is the superior of the two.

Is Ghost of Tsushima open world?

Share All sharing options for: Ghost of Tsushima is a beautiful samurai tale buried under a familiar open-world game. Ghost of Tsushima is at its best when it’s quiet. … The rest of the time, it’s yet another open-world action game.

What do you get for platinum ghost of Tsushima?

With 52 trophies in all, including the Platinum trophy that you’ll get after achieving the other 51, Ghost of Tsushima offers plenty more adventure for those of you who, like myself, didn’t want to put the controller down after finishing the main story.

Is the God of War Platinum easy?

With God of War, beating the Valkyries or muspelheim is really quite challenging on the “Normal” and “Hard” difficulties, but since you can get the trophies on “Easy”, they don’t really reflect that triumph. Still satisfying regardless, trophies aren’t everything.

What are the easiest games to platinum on PS4?

Easy Platinum Trophies For PS4 – Easiest Way To Boost Your CabinetEasy Platinum Trophies For PS4.Gris (55.86%)Tacoma (80.54%)Mosaic (40.91%)Terminator: Resistance (81%)Etherborn (71.96%)Arise: A Simple Story (28.55%)One Night Stand (93.89%)More items…•Dec 28, 2020

Is there a trophy for beating God of War on hard?

God of War’s trophies do not include any based on beating the game with a specific difficulty. … That’s all there is to the difficulty trophies in God of War!

What is the longest act in Ghost of Tsushima?

Act 1Act 1 has the most content and will take the longest to fully complete which can take around 15-20 hours, with Act 3 being the shortest and can be done in around 5 hours.