Quick Answer: How Do I Check My Sophos Subscription?

How do I check a Sophos license?

Check your licensesOn the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, click Setup > System setup.On the System setup page, click the License tab..

What happens when Sophos Endpoint license expires?

After the license expires, the endpoints will not be able to fetch virus definitions updates and new endpoints cannot be deployed.

How much does Sophos cost?

Sophos sells a single antivirus software package, Sophos Home Premium, in one-, two-, and three-year subscriptions. Home Premium on a one-year plan costs $44.99 for the first year and $59.99 for each subsequent year. A two-year plan costs $74.99 for the first two-year period and $99.99 for every two years thereafter.

How do I renew my Sophos UTM license?

What to doLogin to your Sophos account.Select the products you wish to add a subscription from the list as shown in the image below.Click on View Devices to view the devices registered with your account.From the list of devices, choose Subscribe to add a new subscription.More items…

Why is my Sophos not updating?

The connection to the update location is being blocked. The most likely cause of this issue is that a firewall is blocking the connection. Even the Sophos Client Firewall (SCF) could block the connection if the policy has not been set correctly (i.e., the LAN tab > LAN settings > NetBIOS option has not been selected).

How do I find out when my Sophos firewall license expires?

You can also check the status of your license using the MySophos portal www.sophos.com/mysophos by navigating to the Network Protection > View Devices and clicking on your device serial number.

How do I know if Sophos is installed?

On the Windows desktops and servers:Double-click on the Sophos icon on the system tray. This launches the Sophos Endpoint program.On the bottom right corner of the window, click on About. This displays the date and time when the software was last updated and the versions of the Sophos products currently installed.

How do I install Sophos license?

Sophos ProductsLog in to your Sophos Central Admin account.From the dashboard, at the top right beside Help, click your Account name.From the drop-down menu, select Licensing.On the License Info page, enter your license key (from the license schedule) in the Apply Activation Code field and click Apply.

What happens when Fortigate license expired?

When your support expires, you lose the ability to update the firmware, you cannot use web filtering, AV or any security features. You also lose any hardware/software support.

What happens when checkpoint license expires?

On management and log servers, if a license expire, you wound be able to use any of the admin tools. However, management licenses are usually permanent. On gateways, if a license expire, gateway will carry on the last installed policy. You will not be able to change it and to use any service based on subscription.

How often does Sophos update?

once a weekBy default, Sophos sets the frequency of data updates in Sophos Central to an average of once a week. This helps reduce network bandwidth while ensuring devices are updated to changes in the threat landscape.

What is Sophos cloud?

Sophos Central enables you to manage all of your IT security protection through a single cloud-based platform. The Sophos Central dashboard consolidates all your alerts, enabling you to focus on what’s important. It also makes central management of all your firewalls and other Sophos products a breeze.