Question: Why Is My Virgin Box Not Working?

Why has my virgin box stopped working?

Virgin TV 360 Box If this doesn’t work, unplug the 360 box from the power supply, wait 20 seconds, and plug it back in.

Still not working.

If it feels hot it may have overheated.

Make sure there are no other devices on top of the 360 box, turn it off and wait until it feels cool to touch before trying again..

How do I reboot my virgin box?

Reset the the Virgin TV V6 BoxPress Home on the V6 Remote.Select Help & Settings.Select Clear or Reset V6 box.Select Restart V6 Box.Follow instructions on screen.

Why is my virgin box saying no signal?

Check the cables running between TV, TiVo box, and video source. Make sure that all the cables are properly connected to their respective ports. The device acting as the source device should output to TiVo box, which should further output to the TV. … This setting needs to match with the output device.

What happens if you reset your TiVo box?

Content. Restart the TiVo box/DVR: Shuts down the TiVo box and starts it up again. This will not affect recorded shows, OnePass/ Season Pass recordings, WishList searches, or TiVo Suggestions. You may need to restart your TiVo box as a routine troubleshooting step.

How do you reboot a TV box?

For the Android TV boxes: Unplug the power cord from the Chromecast device and Leave it unplugged for ~1 minute. Plug the power cord back in and wait until it turns on.

How do I clear the cache on my Virgin TiVo box?

To clear the cache on a Tivo, press and hold the reset button until lots of lights flash. It will need doing every 2/3 weeks. There is an update to fix the slowness problem but it is being rolled out slowly.

Why is my TiVo box not connected to the Internet?

Verify that your Ethernet cable is securely plugged in between your modem and router. Ensure that all connections are securely plugged into the TiVo box, wireless adapter, and any additional equipment used to connect your box to the Internet. … Unplug your modem and router then wait 10 seconds and plug them back in.

What Colour should the light be on my virgin router?

white lightIf your router is on and working properly, then this will be a solid white light. Aside from this, there’s no other reaosn why you’d see a white light on your Virgin router. On some models, you might see that the light is flashing white.

What do the lights on my Virgin TV box mean?

From left to right, the button and lights on your TiVo are: … The green light indicates that the box is on. The red light indicated that the box is in standby. Online LED – When lit it shows your box has access to On Demand and Apps.

Why isn’t my TiVo box working?

If you’re unable to restart your TiVo PVR or any TiVo Minis from the TiVo menu, unplug your TiVo PVR and any TiVo Minis. Wait 10 seconds. Then, reconnect your TiVo PVR, followed by your TiVo Minis.

What to do if Virgin WiFi isn’t working?

Top tips to improve WiFi Top tips to improve WiFiFind the best place for the Hub making sure it’s kept out in the open and in the upright position.Reboot the Hub by turning it on and off again.More items…

How do I activate my TiVo box?

Step 7 – Power up your TiVo Grab the power pack and plug into the power port on the TiVo box, as shown. Next, connect the power cable into the power pack, then plug into the wall socket and switch on. Finally, switch the TiVo box on at the back.

How do you restart a frozen TiVo?

Unplug the network adapter, phone cord, or Ethernet cable from the back of the TiVo device, and then disconnect the power cord. Wait 15 seconds, and then connect the power cord again. You should see the ‘Welcome. Powering up… ‘ screen and your system will restart within a few minutes.

Can I watch Virgin TV in another room without a box?

A lot of users ask the questions, “How can I watch Virgin in another room without a box?” The best answer for this question is “Yes”.

Where is the reset button on Virgin Media box?

Factory reset the HubMake sure the Hub is switched on at the wall and at the back of the Hub.On the back of the Hub, press the pinhole reset button for 10 seconds.We recommend using a pin/pen for this as the hole is small.Allow the Hub a few minutes to clear its settings and reboot.More items…