Question: What Strain Is Godfather OG?

How strong is godfather OG?

Known as the Don of all OGs, this cross of XXX OG and Alpha OG is a Southern California medicinal community favorite with potent THC, as high as 28%, according to online sources.

It smells like spicy grapes and has a similar, sweeter taste, according to online sources..

What is the strongest strain of Indica?

The Godfather OG is the most potent marijuana strain ever. This was claimed by High Times. This Indica-dominant hybrid was measured to have the highest THC content of 34%. This strain was created by California herbal remedies and is said to be a product of crossing Grandaddy Purple, Cherry Pie, and OG Kush.

What is the strongest sativa strain in the world?

Amnesia HazeAmnesia Haze is actually one of the strongest types of sativa out there, and it produces enormous yields of beautiful and powerful bud. A strong dose of this will leave you feeling uplifted and charged.

How long does Kushy punch high last?

1-2 hoursThe effects of just ¼ of most bars will still last 1-2 hours, with first-time users reporting ¼ and ½ bar doses of the CBD, T.K.O, and indica varieties lasting up to 4 hours.

Is OG Kush top shelf?

OG Kush is a very unique (and classic) Indica strain. It delivers the relaxation and body buzz that one comes to expect from an Indica, but unlike most, it also provides an extremely euphoric but clear-headed high like a top-shelf Sativa. This flower is great for insomnia, depression, pain, and a kick ass high.

What strain is Bruce Banner?

sativaBruce Banner is a powerful sativa dominant strain with high THC content reaching 30%. No surprise, it was called after the alter-ego of Hulk, a superhero that looks like a huge and powerful beast.

Is Kush the same as OG?

The Kush strain is composed of relatively higher levels of fenchol, camphene, a-terpineol, Linalool, and terpinolene. The OG strain, on the other hand, contains mainly compounds of guaiol, myrcene, a-pinene, β-eudesmol, and trans-ocimene.

What strain makes you laugh the most?

5 Best Strains to Make You LaughHigh Season’s Moscato: Ideal for Hangouts with Friends. Moscato, one of our newest strains,Mango Kush (Hybrid): Perfect for the Couch and Comedy TV. … White Widow (Hybrid): Amazing for Laughs with Friends. … Durban Poison (Sativa): Smile Till Your Cheeks Hurt. … Super Lemon Haze (Sativa): Energetic Euphoria.Oct 17, 2019

How do you grow Godfather OG?

Flowering Time: Godfather OG flowering time is between 7 to 9 weeks. Many indoor and outdoor growers do hit the sweet spot at 8 weeks after putting Godfather OG seeds in the soil, with outdoor plants ready for harvest between the middle of September and the first weeks of October.

What does legend og taste like?

Legend OG has a tart, floral aroma and a pungent flavor. Legend OG is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with an unknown strain. … Legend OG has a tart, floral aroma and a pungent flavor.

What does godfather og taste like?

About this Hybrid Strain Known as the “Don of all OGs,” Godfather OG is an indica cannabis strain that produces buds that are dense and frosted with a plethora of trichomes. Its scent and taste are of pine and freshly churned earth, with sweet undertones of grape.

What is godfather OG?

Godfather OG is a potent indica marijuana strain made by crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG. The effects of this strain are sedating and relaxing. Godfather OG is the go-to strain for medical marijuana patients looking to relieve symptoms associated with insomnia and pain.

Which strain is best for anxiety and depression?

Sativa strains of marijuana have been found useful for both depression and anxiety. In addition to understanding the strains, it is important to know that each strain also has its own ratio of CBD to THC. CBD is the non-psychoactive component whereas THC is the psychoactive part that gets you high.

What strain is Gorilla Glue?

IndicaGorilla Glue #4, Also known as Original Glue or simply Gorilla Glue is a 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid made from a triple cross between Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel.

OG Kush is widely viewed as the best Kush strain because of its legacy. That said, it’s somewhat difficult to classify one strain as the absolute best, mostly because each crop varies in quality and cannabinoid and terpene levels. There are also many variations of a more or less same strain.

What does OG mean in strains?

Original GangstaAn Amsterdam-based cannabis seller, DNA Genetics, claims credit for marketing the OG Kush strain. According to DNA Genetics, OG stands for “Original Gangsta,” coined by the crew of the hip-hop group, Cypress Hill. The story goes that in the 1990s, they discovered the OG Kush strain at a Grateful Dead concert.

What strain is Pink Panther?

sativaPink Panther is a sativa-dominant hybrid with heady, stimulating effects. This strain has a sweet terpene profile mixed with scents of pine and pears. It immediately hits the consumer between the eyes, curbing pain caused by headaches or migraines.

Is Blue Dream an Indica or Sativa?

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blueberry with Haze. Blue Dream produces a balancing high accompanied by full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration.