Question: What Does Uncommunicated Mean?

What’s another word for inactive?

Some common synonyms of inactive are idle, inert, passive, and supine..

What does pliable mean?

1a : supple enough to bend freely or repeatedly without breaking.

What is the difference between pitiful and pitiable?

As adjectives the difference between pitiable and pitiful is that pitiable is that deserves, evokes or can be given pity; pitiful while pitiful is feeling pity; merciful.

What does Narky mean in slang?

narky in British English (ˈnɑːkɪ ) adjectiveWord forms: narkier or narkiest. slang. irritable, complaining, or sarcastic. Collins English Dictionary.

What does Pitable mean?

pitiable victims1 : deserving or exciting pity : lamentable pitiable victims.

Is Narky a real word?

Meaning of narky in English easily annoyed: You were a bit narky with me.

What means taciturn?

silent, taciturn, reticent, reserved, secretive mean showing restraint in speaking. silent implies a habit of saying no more than is needed. the strong, silent type taciturn implies a temperamental disinclination to speech and usually connotes unsociability.

What is another word for reserved?

Some common synonyms of reserved are reticent, secretive, silent, and taciturn.

Is Uncommunicated a word?

adjective. Not expressed or revealed; secret. ‘The uncommunicated part of her story points perhaps in a different direction. ‘

What is another word for uncommunicative?

Uncommunicative Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for uncommunicative?reservedreticentsilenttaciturncloseretiringshysecretivetight-lippedguarded233 more rows

What is a snarky attitude?

The definition of snarky is someone who is cranky, snide or sarcastic. Saying “nice haircut” in a sarcastic and snide way is an example of a comment that would be described as snarky.

What is a pitiful person?

Someone or something that is pitiful is so sad, weak, or small that you feel pity for them. He sounded both pitiful and eager to get what he wanted. Synonyms: pathetic, distressing, miserable, harrowing More Synonyms of pitiful. pitifully adverb.