Question: How Do You Get A Double Sided Lightsaber In Jedi Fallen?

How do you get a double edged lightsaber?

You can unlock the double bladed Lightsaber on Zeffo but you’ll have to play through most of that planet to get to it.

On Dathomir you can more or less nip out the ship, grab it and leave..

Can you get a red lightsaber in fallen order?

Just recently, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order released a patch bringing New Game+, new challenges, and a combat arena into the game. … The Red lightsaber is unlocked outright from the beginning of New Game + and can be equipped immediately alongside the inquisitor outfit also available from the start.

Can you get a double bladed lightsaber in Kotor?

Nope. You can get one in the Korriban boss fight. If you’re playing the BC console version, I believe that two weapon fighting is bugged on double bladed sabers, so you don’t need to take the extra feats to properly use doubled blades sabers, at least for KOTOR 1.

Where is double lightsaber Bogano?

This upgrade can be found in the Abandoned Workshop, behind a hidden entrance that is half way up the large spiraling pathway. If you don’t get the double-bladed lightsaber on Bogano or Dathomir, you’ll eventually get it on your second trip to Kashyyyk.

How do you get a double bladed lightsaber fallen early?

The earliest opportunity for you to get the Jedi: Fallen Order dual lightsaber is right after you finish up on Bogana. Once you do so, you should have the option of travelling to Zeffo and Dathomir. It’s the latter we’re interested in so head there. Once you touch down, you’ll want to take a hard right.

Where can I get a double sided lightsaber?

Brother’s BastionThe double-bladed lightsaber can be found in a place called Brother’s Bastion, which you can get to after climbing and wall running through Dathomir’s scenic vistas.

How do you get the double bladed lightsaber fallen order in Bogano?

You can find the double bladed lightsaber upgrade here on the Bogano map. You will need to have Force Push and the Scomp Link upgrade for BD in order to access the room it is in. Use Force Push to make a bridge and then follow the path to a cave. enter the cave and climb up the vines in there.

Can you dual wield lightsabers in Jedi fallen order?

Yes, you can dual-wield lightsabers in Jedi: Fallen Order – but it’s not quite what you might think. … If you use Lightsaber split attack from a single blade lightsaber, you’ll unleash a flurry of moves that are excellent for dealing with multiple enemies at once.

How do you get the purple lightsaber in Jedi fallen?

How To Unlock All Lightsaber Colors in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen…Blue – Default color.Green – Unlocked from the start.Purple – Requires Kyber Crystal found on Ilum.Cyan – Requires Kyber Crystal found on Ilum.Magenta – Requires Kyber Crystal found on Ilum.Indigo – Requires Kyber Crystal found on Ilum.Yellow – Requires Kyber Crystal found on Ilum.More items…•Jan 31, 2020

How do you get a double sided lightsaber on dathomir?

To find the double-bladed Lightsaber, touch down on Dathomir and jump from the landing pad to the main island – the Strangled Cliffs. Explore the area and you’ll be able to climb up to another level, which leads to the Upper Strangled Cliffs. After this you’re in the Brother’s Bastion, which is where you want to be.